Naughty nurse Rhianna isn’t wearing a bra or panties as she takes your details

Today’s the day you have to sign up to your new Doctors and Rhianna is the pleasant English girl who’s going to be taking your details. As she’s typing your details into the computer you glance over the desk and notice that she’s wearing a nurses uniform but as she turns turn to face you you also notice that her uniform is unfastened and she isn’t wearing a bra, her large breasts are a nudge away from falling out.

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This is a sight for sore eyes. You try to adjust yourself to get a better look down her top at her full, heavy breasts and hard, puffy nipples without getting caught but maybe she wants to catch you after all she didn’t wear a bra or fasten her uniform properly. Your cock’s twitching and you can’t help but wonder if this naughty nurse is wearing any panties under her uniform, is she totally naked, is her pussy shaved or hairy. Is she as wet as you are hard?

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