Megan Loxx does the splits and cartwheels nude outdoors

Some girls like Megan Loxx are so hot they really don’t have to do much and still they can give men the best wank encouragement. In this highly erotic gallery from FTV Girls Megan Loxx is just having a little fun on the lawn. Only, she’s having fun without any clothes on and t his don’t get you wanking then I really don’t know what will. First off let me just say that Megan Loxx is a classy girl and you can see how beautiful she is wearing pretty salmon colored dress and pink high heels but we when she sits on the wall and opens her legs we get to see another side of Megan – the dirty side. When she sites on the wall and opens her legs we notice she doesn’t have any panties on – her pussy bald, pink and fresh.

She knows her job well, she knows she’s there to encourage men to jerk off and cum and is always willing to push the limits. So, in public in plain view of the neighbors Megan removes all her clothes so she stark naked. While we look in awe and wonder what she’s going to do she heads to the lawn to lawn and starts to do some stretches. She’s so fit and a very flexible girl, she does the splits stretching her legs and opening her pussy. Her wet clit touching the grass, I canĀ  only imagine it felt so natural and so good. But then the fun begins and Megan starts to hop, skip and dance on the lawn including doing some pretty neat cartwheels and all this without a stitch on!

Gallery from: FTV Girls

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