Sweetheart Charlie Rose dancing and taking off her clothes for a ride

Sweetheart Charlie Rose is desperate for a driver to take her on a few errands, it’s something you really don’t want to do, you’d much rather be upstairs looking at the sexy girls on Masturbate2gether.com play with themselves that is until she offers to do a little strip tease. And, to be honest, today, British girl Charlie is looking kind of sexy. She’s wearing a white see through vest and you can see her lovely titties wobbling and her dark nipples. She’s obviously came to seduce you and it’s working. You tell Charlie you’ll happily take her on her errands but you want to have a good wank while she dances. She seems surprised but she doesn’t mind as long as you don’t move off the couch.

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You’re already hard at the thought Charlie is going to see you wank your cock for the first time but when she starts jumping about and you can see her titties juggling around you go as stiff as a board. She kicks off her trainers and starts shaking her booty, you never realized how fit she was and what a nice arse she has. This is likeĀ  the best wank encouragement ever. You unzip your pants and get your cock out. Charlie notices how hard you and can’t take her eyes off your cock. Charlie then unzips her shorts andĀ  kicks them off and continues to dance in her panties. You’re fapping away like a mad man and the to your surprise Charlie tugs down her knickers and shows you her shaved pussy. You want to get up and go and taste that sweet thing but you’re not allowed to leave the couch, that was the deal. Charlie touches her pussy and spreads her lips a little, when you see her moist pink flesh you can’t control yourself. Your spunk rushes up your shaft, your cock flexes and you start to spunk up all over yourself.

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